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Love true


Beat fear


Hurt pain


Hope well


Grip fate


Load life


With zeal


Make guts


Rock hard


Seek self


Keep real


Grow wits


Shed hate


Look with


Wide eyes


Feel your soul




This was a fun challenge! Would love to read your four letter word poems. 🙂 For those of you who are interested, here’s a list of words to work with:





Love multiplies with timeLove

Adds without subtracting

Measures infinity

With irrational numbers

Divides two

To equal one

Great common denominator

My dream world has pointy ridges and snow capped mountains. No fancy rides to shoot me to the top.

My dream world has rivers with strong currents. They gurgle and churn like cold mouths.

My dream world smells of smoke, of charred endings and new beginnings.

My dream world echoes with sharp words from lips that taste just right.

My dream world has crooked noses, big ears that flap like wings.

My dream world has whirlwinds that carry hope in bubbles. They burst on my face like wet kisses.

My world has large, sticky webs that weave dreams with strings of faith.

Frizzy, wild and uncontrollable.

            Hairspray just doesn’t stick. So we pile on the wax to mould our paths, to smooth the kinks. We stick a few road signs to know our limits and prevent hazards. We build roundabouts for safe passage.

            But we can’t control the weeds. No matter how hard we try, they curl out of the cracks, like long, lanky fingers that poke and probe our well preserved guts. 

            We stumble then along our pristine paths with aches in our stomachs, we jumble the signs, we give way when we should stop. We go around and around the roundabout wondering what happened to our carefully mapped out streets.

             Well, there is no blueprint.

             Life is like a bad hair day, unruly and disobedient.

             With rocky roads and potholes full of surprises.

We can’t take it for a drive, it’s leaking in three places.

But it’s smooth to touch.

The engine’s faulty, it needs a service.

But it sounds so good.

We can’t fix it, it will cost too much.

And yet we try to patch it up with bandaids that are soggy with sweat and tears.