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You burrowed inside my body
And made a home for
five weeks six days.
My heart beat for two
but couldn’t revive you.
They called you a “foreign body,”
I called you my baby.
My body became a fortress
to keep you in.
You wrapped your arms
around my heart and
we stayed like that until week ten
when you flowed out of me
and anger filled your place.
I didn’t know that you could go
that so many other
mothers’ hearts
were breaking too.
It’s been two years
but the anger still
bleeds into the present.
I dilute it with
the courage
that you left me
to try again
and again
for that second heart
that now belongs to your


Love true


Beat fear


Hurt pain


Hope well


Grip fate


Load life


With zeal


Make guts


Rock hard


Seek self


Keep real


Grow wits


Shed hate


Look with


Wide eyes


Feel your soul




This was a fun challenge! Would love to read your four letter word poems. ūüôā For those of you who are interested, here’s a list of words to work with: ¬†




Love multiplies with timeLove

Adds without subtracting

Measures infinity

With irrational numbers

Divides two

To equal one

Great common denominator


My fingers crawl along the keys

Eleven words per minute.

My eyes chase letters

My fingers words

My heart stories

An alchemy

Time cannot measure.



ImageWhite is a pulse


it makes the stars quiver


tomorrow nude


today open


the soul





Photo: Demet Divaroren,  Marmara Sea, Istanbul, Turkey  


Be nude before me




turn them to


Melt into my lips

dilute me 

with you

I brew my words in the heat of the moment

they scald your mouth


the tip of your tongue

and you swallow your words

with mine


When God cries for his children,

death obeys.



A skeletal tree

bows to the leaves at its feet.

The remnants of death.



Death has a callous touch

as it draws you back into its

dark womb.



Empty eyes peruse me

from an empty soul,

death’s vacuum.



A baby is born,

its tiny fingers blue.

Death cuts the umbilical cord.



An arrogant leader,

death unleashes its pack

to bring home the kill.



A lonely cemetery embraces

the deceased;

death sleeps.



Red, black and white

glisten mockingly

on death’s rainbow.



A brilliant dawn salutes the day,

a luminous dusk declares its death.



Earth stirs.

Wolf howls.

Death takes.


© Demet Divaroren



Lonely Bird


sits perched

on top of the pyramid

every day

she has no nest

no flock

no tune to sing

she flaps her wings




slumps back down


it will be time for her to leave soon

when other birds take flight

she will descend

down the pyramid steps




to an empty playground


© Demet Divaroren