Every city has an identity. On our recent trip to Europe, we travelled by boat, plane, train, bike, car and on foot, taking in the sights that stamped the past to the present. But the human eye offered a limited view. Once our vision became accustomed to the visual highlights, our senses kicked in. We found that each city had a voice, a pulse, a smell and many layers that unfolded once we looked and listened with our hearts.


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Paris, France


Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy: Antonio (pictured) and his 13 year old son Giuseppe live in a small village outside of Pienza. They work at the Pietramonti Estate & Country House as gardeners. Giuseppe’s eyes shone with the Tuscan sun and a youthful innocence. When I spoke to him one morning, we used limited English and mostly waved our hands, scrunched up our faces in concentration and smiled to convey meaning. That night, Giuseppe asked our hosts, “the guests, they spoke to me. Do they know I’m not a paying guest?” It broke my heart.














Annecy, France











Adana, Turkey: “Come in, come in! Please, this is my home. Welcome! I built it myself in my brother’s garden, after I lost my husband.”














Nice, France











rome 1

Rome, Italy: “Come, come, follow me. You know, I am single, brother, at the end of the year I will go to Bangladesh for marriage. My family look for good girl for me.”
















Cappadocia, Turkey















Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey: the past is a mosaic that defines the present where two faiths entwine like roots.