2013 was full of voices.

My mum’s, thick with emotion, broken yet undefeated.

My sister Nuvit’s, a loud roar, courageous and strong.

My husband’s, loving, encouraging, at times infuriating. “It’s not hate, babe,” he said when the word escaped my incensed mouth during a fight. “It’s always love. Even if sometimes I love you a little bit less, nevertheless I still love you.”

My inner voice, scared and doubtful. I attacked it with a pen before my fears grew legs, until mind drool oozed onto the page.

My voice of reason and positivity, ever present, ever thankful to a year that took, that shattered, that gave but never broke our spirit, that made us one in our shared grief, love and hope.

Then there were my fictional voices. Men, women, boys and girls who were born from my love, my frustrations, my hopes, my fears.

There’s Kale. I was sitting in a hairdresser when I first heard his voice. “When Dad broke Mum,” he said, “he did it with “best intentions.” “Beast intentions” that’s how he said it.”

Kale’s little brother Sam, fragile and innocent. “He hit Mum again, like the baddies in karate kid, kick kick kick to where it hurts most.”

Boisterous Mrs Aslan with a big heart. “Have I tell you before the story of the donkeys and chickens in my country?”

There’s Ajani, hopeful and optimistic, searching for his place in Australia. “When there was peace in my country, the wind caressed like a lover’s breath.”

2013 was full of voices, breakthroughs, and wonderful achievements, leaving a catch phrase resounding in my head.

The best is yet to come.

Here’s to 2014! Happy New Year everyone xx