Imagine a face with different shades of skin. With wide, narrow, soft, hard, wrinkly features. Imagine a broken, refined, guttural voice that speaks in slang or another language.

Yes we are many, but how are we one?

What makes us Australian?

I want to capture the voices of our nation, the nitty gritty, the polished, the broken, the loud, the proud, the silent. I want to rummage through the cracks in our society to see what makes us stick.

While multiculturalism is the heart of our nation, ignorance is our downfall. We need to communicate without the help of sensationalist media or the labels that pepper our society. Only then can we integrate. It’s time to break the silence, to write these stories, capture the faces, to bridge the gap and see what an Australian looks like.

It’s time to find a collective identity beyond hot pies and footy.

Who knows, maybe our difference is the very thing that binds us.

I’m going to find out.

Who’s with me?