sirdan 1

Long after the lights go out in Adana, Turkey, and vendors wheel their chestnut carts home, midnight traders take over dusty streets to sell a more appetizing snack, Șirdan (shirdan). It is made from the innards of sheep or cow and tastes too good to dismiss for its…unique shape. The rubbery layer of stomach is stuffed with seasoned rice, meat and onions, then stitched together. It tastes bloody delicious— if you can get past the pungent smell of sheep. Once it’s out of the sizzling pot, sprinkled with cumin and pepper, you can’t devour the chewy texture and aromatic rice fast enough.

sirdan 2

While we eat Maccas to soak up the alcohol after a big night out, Adana locals crowd around Șirdan stalls in the early hours of the morning and down them with a side of pickled peppers. But eating one is risky business. Picking the wrong stall can give you more than a tasty mouthful. These things are hard to clean. The innards need to be soaked numerous times in scalding water to get rid of the faeces. Once it’s sterilised, stuffed and stitched up, (be sure to remove the string) this is one delicacy I crave after a few Vodkas!